February 28, 2011

Fund Raising Spotlight

Our good friends Derek and Leslie are adopting from Ethiopia, and today their fund raising efforts were featured on Filled With Praise!  We just LOVE these sweet friends, so I had to share the featured blog post.  If you've been looking for ways to help orphans in their distress, donating to Derek and Leslie as they bring home a baby or two would be a great way to start!

I get so excited to share these families with you each week.  I love reading their stories and I always feel so encouraged and inspired by their walk of faith.  This week I have the privilege of introducing you to Leslie and Derek.  They are adopting from Ethiopia.  Here is what Leslie shared about their journey:
We are a young couple from Louisville, Kentucky. I am an elementary teacher and my husband works as a business developer for a company here in Louisville.  We have decided to "adopt first". So our baby will be our very first child. God planted a seed in our hearts over a year ago and we knew this was how we were supposed to start our family. We have been so encouraged by friends who have adopted and are so thrilled to  live out this journey. I have always loved children and knew that God was going to use my life in some way for that. I thought it was just through teaching and I never thought it would be for adoption too! Yet, I am so happy that it is. We feel so blessed to be on this journey!
Leslie shared their favorite Bible verse during this journey and their thoughts about the verse.    
John 14: 18 
I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.  
I love being reminded of God's provision and perfect plan. Not only does this apply to the many children who are orphans, but to us as well who would be orphans without Him.
Leslie is making wreaths and flower clips to help raise funds for their adoption.  She has an Etsy shop to purchase pre-made wreaths, but she also gladly accepts custom orders.  The wreaths are available to order in two sizes and they can be made in almost any color.  Leslie shared that they are great for indoor or outdoor decor.    

Please stop by Leslie and Derek's blog to encourage them on their journey.  Also, take a moment to check out some of Leslie's beautiful wreaths, by visiting her Etsy shop.  

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