March 3, 2011

February's Family Picture

When we use the timer on our camera a red light shines for a few seconds before it takes a picture.  Our children are fun loving and full of smiles all day.  They're also fascinated by the red light on the camera and while they're looking at it, it sure is hard to get them to share their happy grins with the world!     

Here's to February!

It's been so fun to watch our kids grow and develop more and more lately.  Even though they've only been walking a few months, they're practically running around now.  One of the elderly ladies at church likes to say that our little man thinks he's just as big as the older kids there.  And it almost brought me to tears one week to help our sweet miss play Ring Around The Rosy with some of the older girls.  How can she possibly be old enough for that yet?

Little man loves to stand at our back screen door and watch cars drive by.  Trucks are even better.  And buses -- just forget it!  He'll tell you all about that bus long after it's gone.  Then he'll ask you to please bring another bus by.  He loves to play peek-a-boo with the curtain in their room, and he loves to be chased and tickled.  Balls are still a favorite for him, much to his daddy's delight.  And he seems to be really coordinated and strong.  Our little man is creative, funny and eager to please.  Dear little boy!  

Sweet miss is one of the most engaging little girls I've ever met.  She greets us and others with a friendly "hi" throughout the day.  And she'll endearingly repeat her greeting until you reply.  This girl loves people!  And she can cuddle.  For added sweetness, she'll pat your back while you hold her.  Though we'd definitely call her a people person, she does like to find a private corner where she can get away and read a good book once in a while.  And our delightful girl loves to sing and dance!

They're mimicking words left and right, and we can hardly believe how much they understand.  I talk to them all day long, and lately it's becoming much more like back-and-forth conversations.

They're starting to really play with each other.  Sometimes I'll catch them laughing as they chase each other around, tickling each other or feeding each other food.  Precious brother and sister, sweet little friends.  I am SO glad we adopted two babies.  Glad for our sake and glad for their sake.

Sweet ones, how we cherish every day the Lord gives us with you.  You bring us more joy than you could possibly know.  You have enriched our lives immeasurably.  We know love more fully because of the love God has put in our hearts for you.

Lord, thank you for these blessings.  We are completely undeserving of your goodness to us.  Thank you for saving the lives of these precious babies, these little ones we love so much.  Please give us wisdom to lead them in Your ways, please draw their hearts to love Jesus.  There is nothing that would give us greater joy than to see them walking in the truth.

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