April 11, 2013

The Horror of Gosnell’s Crimes

Please, I beg you to read this article by our friend Denny Burk and watch the documentary.  I feel overwhelmed and at a loss for words, but be assured that even without my ability to try to persuade you that it's worth your time, it is.  There is a holocaust happening among us.  

As Denny says in a previous post about it:
This documentary is very difficult to watch. But I believe it is one of those things that you need to watch. We dare not turn our eyes away from the evil of abortion. We need to face head-on just how much the culture of death has debased us. One of the witnesses describes a nurse playing with a baby for several minutes before severing its spine. It’s hard to imagine that such things could happen among us, but they do. 
Next Tuesday marks the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Since that decision came down on January 22, 1973, over 50 million unborn human beings have been killed legally in the United States. That is more than eight times the people who died in the Holocaust. Without question, abortion-on-demand is the greatest human rights crisis of our time. How can we possibly ignore this? 
Take time to watch this documentary. Weep. Pray.

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