September 27, 2009

We're Adopting!

We've spoken about adopting since our dating days.  It's always been something we've been open to doing.  We assumed we'd have biological children first, then maybe we'd add to our family by adopting a child.  But lately the Lord has been making it clear that His plans are different than what we'd anticipated.

We both strongly desire children.  And we firmly believe that God has delayed or prevented pregnancy because He has chosen children halfway across the world for us to raise and love and point to Jesus.

So on Friday, August 28 we drove to Danville, KY to meet with someone from an adoption agency.  We'd been researching international adoption for a few months and it seemed like the Lord was pointing us in that direction.  After the meeting, there was no doubt in our minds.  We filled out an application that afternoon and walked it to the mailbox together.  It was a precious moment, the beginning of a whole new journey for us.

We're planning on adopting two babies from Ethiopia.  And we're thrilled that the Lord has provided contacts for us with a few other couples in our city who have adopted from Ethiopia recently too.  There's still a lot of paperwork to go.  And there are still a few months before we'll even see a picture of our precious children.  But we're very excited about all that's to come!

We've been especially encouraged by some of the theological implications of adoption.  You see, both of us were adopted.  We weren't orphans, at least not in the way most people think of that word.  But, as C.J. Mahaney says, we were in a condition far more serious: we were strangers to the family of God, slaves to sin, and objects of the justified wrath of God.  But in His grace, God convicted our hearts to turn from sin and trust in Jesus Christ's sacrificial death on the cross in our place.  And because of our faith in Christ, we've been adopted into a new family.  God the righteous Judge became our merciful Father.  He has given us a new identity in Christ.  And our family will have the privilege of being a visual picture of God's adopting work in the life of everyone who trusts in Christ.

There's a conference coming up called Together for Adoption.  We're not planning to go (I mean, we're already on board about adoption!), but we were really moved by the promo video.  Hope you are too:

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