October 17, 2010

It's Your Child that God is Placing on Your Heart

It happens multiple times a day.  Sometimes it's when I'm holding my son and he reaches for my face with eyes full of trust and love.  Sometimes it's when I'm rocking my beautiful daughter as she starts getting sleepy at the end of a busy day.  Sometimes it's when I'm feeding him a nighttime bottle and can't help but kiss his little head, or when I'm tickling her toes and she giggles in delight.  I stop to think about the miracle that they are and can't help but thank the Lord for all He has done.

Our children are so full of joy and love.  And they are our son and daughter.  What beautiful words.  They don't just belong to us through love and legal documentation, they belong to us through God.
There have been a few friends of ours that I've had the privilege of walking with at the beginning of their adoption journey.  And it's an exciting thing to realize that when God places adoption on a family's heart He also has a child waiting for that family.  Taking the first step of faith to follow Him toward that child is the hardest part, but the blessings that follow are far too numerous to count.     

If you were sitting in my living room right now and telling me that God was placing adoption on your heart, but you just don't know...  I would have you look into my daughter's big beautiful eyes and try to tell her that you couldn't do it.  I'd have you look into my son's curious, trusting face and try to tell him that you really don't think you could adopt because it's too hard, too expensive, too time consuming, or too scary.  I guarantee that you couldn't do it!  You couldn't look into the faces of these two bright eyed babies and say no.  It seems impossible to me to look at the way God has intervened in their lives, the joy that they bring us, and say it isn't worth it.

God loved us enough to sacrifice His only Son, and the Bible tells us that He wants His children to know and walk in that love.  Just think -- for the child that does not have a family, he or she can learn of God's love through you.   And you can learn more about God's love through them too.

So if God is placing adoption on your heart, don't be overwhelmed by fear and excuses.  Pray for the Lord to show you His will in regard to the orphan crisis, and if He is leading you to do it, take that first step.  Do it afraid.  And I guarantee that your fear will turn into overwhelming joy and gratitude to the One who makes a way at every step in your journey.

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