March 22, 2010


We met a sweet friend in Ethiopia who was there adopting a six month old girl that had been in the orphanage with our babies.  I'm sharing this from her blog because I feel the same way...

Ever since coming home from Ethiopia it feels I cannot get myself grounded.

I have heard it said before that Africa changes you.

I totally understand that now.

I feel like I still have so much to process. So much that I need God to reveal.

I do wish though that somehow I could share more... the beauty, the smells in the air, the sound of voices singing, and the sweet touch of the orphan reaching for your hand. Because it's going to take more. More of us caring, more of us willing, and more of us working to make a difference.

I pray that I never forget.

I pray that I never look away again.

I pray that I am big enough to do more...

Because I have to.

They need us.

We need each other.

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