February 3, 2013

Forward Progress

The Lord gave us a little bit of progress with both our adoptions this past week.  Here's the latest:

Ethiopian adoption -- On Friday we finally collected the last piece of paperwork we needed for our Ethiopian dossier.  I can't tell you how excited I was to send the whole thing to our agency for review!  Our updated home study came in the mail this past week too, and we sent it to the US immigration office to switch our approval to adopt from Congo to Ethiopia.  It will take a number of weeks for them to send us an approval notice, and once they do we'll be able to start the 14 month wait for the referral of a child.  After that we'll go through the court process and then the embassy process.  Overall, we figure we're probably looking at about a two year wait before we can bring a son or daughter home from Ethiopia.  But I think we have the bulk of the paperwork behind us now, and that's definitely something I'm celebrating!

Domestic adoption --  Friday's mail also contained an orientation packet from our domestic agency.  And after looking it over, I'm glad we got the dossier done before jumping in to the paperwork for this adoption!  With the other things on my plate right now, I think realistically it'll take a month or two for me to be able to put together the things we'll need.  But that's okay with us.  Once they start showing our family profile to birth mothers, we could be chosen at any time.  And there's a possibility that the call could be for a baby already born, in which case we could have to take an immediate trip to Memphis to pick up our son or daughter.  So we're trusting the Lord's timing and excited to see what He has in store!