June 26, 2014

She's a Philpot!

We stood before a judge today with hearts full of joy and thanks to the Lord as our daughter's adoption process was finalized and her last name was changed to Philpot.

Tears came to my eyes as I thought about how God chose her for us out of every child in the world that needed a family. He determined before time began to put her in our home, where she would hear the gospel and, Lord willing, put her faith in Jesus. Her birth mother gave her a middle name which means "He Who God Helps." That is indeed true of our precious girl.

There was a striking contrast in the case right before ours, which was a divorce with children involved. It made me all the more thankful for the good gift of family that God has lavished upon us, and a loving, stable home where our children will see in their daddy and mommy an example of the faithfulness of Christ to His church.

Thank you for rejoicing with us in God's redeeming work in the life of our precious daughter! We love her and we love life with her. All praise and glory to our great God!

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