January 24, 2017

We're Thrilled to Introduce the Newest Little Philpot

Five years ago we began the adoption process with Lifeline Children's Services. Our oldest children were two years old then. At the time, we were thinking we would adopt two children from The Democratic Republic of Congo. Eventually, we had to switch our application to Ethiopia. We adopted our now 3 year old daughter through another agency while we were on the Ethiopia waiting list. Then the Lord redirected our plans, and we ultimately switched our Lifeline application to pursue a domestic adoption. I shared more details about the reasons behind those changes here. But to make a long story short, God was directing our steps all along the way to add this little boy to our family:

God taught us so much during the time of waiting. I hope to share more about that sometime.

We're thankful for many friends and family that have prayed for us. And we're thankful for the Lord's grace and kindness to us and our newborn son.

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